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Kitchen Stories-Triptych

by / Jackie Ranken

Kitchen Stories-Triptych
This triptych of images is a small representation from a larger body of work called “Kitchen Stories”. In this series I explore the beauty that can be found in Kitchen Utensils by holding, throwing or placing them in the beautiful New Zealand landscape. I like the juxtaposition that these object make with there surroundingsand the questions that arise from people viewing them. People who look at this work often have fond memories that arise about using similar utensils when they were young or perhaps their Grandparents “had a toaster like that”. I like the way the inanimate Kitchen Utensils seem to spring to life. The forks look like they are guarding the beach, the Flying Pan and Flying Saucepan seem to be hanging in space. These were made in camera with fast shutter speeds. I believe that there is a certain energy that I have captured because of the way they were photographed.


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