Creative Hush



At Creative Hush we trust our Creatives to treat their customers with care. They’re passionate about what they do and they care about their fans so we don’t expect any issues, however, we expect them to uphold a strong service standard when delivering items to you, the customer. As a guide we encourage sellers to deliver items within three days of receiving an order. Though it is the sellers’ responsibility, Creative Hush wants to take measures to ensure strong service standards are met, so please contact us in the case that you are not satisfied and we’ll do our best to remedy the situation.


Postage rates are set by you at the time of the item upload.

The shipping rate will be automatically added to orders based on the rates you specified when uploading your item. So please be as accurate as possible.

It is the obligation of the exhibitor / seller to post goods in a timely manner. (suggested within three days of order being placed) Any item sale is an agreement between the exhibitor / seller and the buyer. Creative Hush can’t be held responsible for lost goods in transit and in this case, issues will need to be remedied with the relevant postal company.

Remember, any buyers of your items are your biggest fans; treat them well.