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Return Policy


At Creative Hush, It’s our mission and our exhibitors mission to ensure our buyers are satisfied with their purchase. For this reason we have an umbrella return policy that applies to all of our exhibitors selling work on our site. Should you wish, you are welcome to exchange your item for a different one or request a refund. Items must be in their original, undamaged, unused and saleable condition. Exchanges / refunds must follow the below instructions, or unfortunately they will not be able to be exchanged.

Please email Creative Hush within 7 days of receiving the item stating:

  1. The reason for return.
  2. The exhibitor that the item was purchased from.
  3. The amount the item was purchased for.
  4. Please include as much information as possible to ensure a prompt response.

Creative hush will:

  1. Provide the Exhibitors address for you to send the item back to. Please return within 7 days
  2. Once the seller has confirmed that the goods have been returned, A replacement will be sent, or, in the case of a refund; Creative Hush will refund the item price, excluding the postage amount.

The item must be returned via registered mail, and customers will be responsible for the shipping and handling costs. Please include with your item the original order receipt and a brief letter detailing the reason for your exchange.

Creative Hush will not refund initial postage charges for goods returned (other than for faulty items).


At Creative Hush we want our buyers to feel safe while buying goods from exhibitors. We’re sure that you’d agree, so we have adopted an umbrella refund policy that applies to all Exhibitors as per above. (It also saves you from having to write one up) We’re sure you’ll agree that the policy above is a fair system to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction across the site. If an exchange or refund is requested, Creative Hush will take responsibility in managing the correct outcome; in most cases this will include a refund of the cost of goods and return of the product in an unused condition.

We will contact you requesting your address for the buyer to return the item to. Once the goods are received please notify us asap.

If a refund, we will action the refund which will be excluded from your monthly payment.


Cancelled Orders

If a buyer cancels an order, Creative Hush will refund the order as soon as possible and advise the seller that the order has been cancelled - The seller will, in this case, refrain from delivering the item. This amount will be excluded in the monthly revenue that Creative Hush pays the Seller / Exhibitor.

Cheers Hushers,

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