Creative Hush

Interview with Love Winter Jewellery

Today we had the pleasure of chatting to Delwynne Winter in her home on the North Shore of Auckland.


We rolled up in my 1.3l, non-tinted, Toyota Vitz, complete with Space saver tyre on the back left side and walked into her studio keen to get some insight into what it takes to give up the day job in exchange for launching a Jewellery Design Label. First though, Delwynne's background as an Opera singer intrigued us; despite our best efforts we were unable to get her to perform for us on camera. She did however shed some light on more Jewellery related topics, Like where she thinks her creativity stemmed from and we're sure it was passed down from her grandfather, who was by the sound of it, bloody amazing, and a talented creative in his own right. The man taught his wife to Sew!

Despite her husbands best efforts to encourage Delwynne to set up her studio in the garage, her setup encompasses a very snazzy 'room with a view', off her lounge in her North Shore home, overlooking Rangitoto Island. The set up was a massive investment, proving that it's no small feat to give up the full time job in pursuit of a career in Jewellery Design. We'll let the video interview speak for itself. Check her work on our site here: