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Off The Canvas - Interview with Chrissy Taylor

We Drove down to Chrissy's local town: Cambridge, and spent some time in her newly renovated Studio / Ex barn where she works full time as an Artist. Check her store out here:


Once again, we were blown away by the hospitality of another Artist in NZ and we're really starting to love meeting lots of choice people doing cool things. Chrissy took us on a tour of her land complete with some beautiful horses and an amazing garden. An incredibly serene environment to get creative in a studio that she shares with her mum and sister. It seems creativity runs in this family. Chrissy was bubbly and fun to chat too, she wasn't shy behind the lens of our camera and what baffled us, was the fact that she failed Art at school back int he UK. Her work is both unique and popular and she now lives and works as a full time Artist in NZ. After giving up on Art for a small hiatus she picked it back up again when she decided to paint something on the back of an item of furniture. She decided the end result look alright and so began her new journey as an Artist. She has a unique style and works with some amazing colours but you'll have to see them to believe. Check her store out here: