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Off the Canvas - Interview with Angie Dennis

Angie was an absolute pleasure to meet. Venturing out each week to meet and interview various Kiwi Artists and Jewellery Designers, we’re beginning to realise just how much talent is out there and how down to earth and passionate the Artists are.  Check her work out here:

Angie Dennis runs her full time Business as a professional Artist in Auckland. She works in her studio in Mt. Eden which is a repurposed Garage set beside her family home. Born in the UK, she moved to NZ with her partner after studying environmental science but it would be several years before she gave up full time work to follow her passion of being an Artist. We’re surprised it didn’t happen earlier given the quality of her work.

The bright colours in her artwork make the walls they rest on really pop. Walking into her studio was a welcome attack on our visual senses; colours everywhere. Every piece of artwork that she creates tells a story and there are a few underlying tones that really come to life when you learn more about her background. Being born in the UK (Manchester) and moving to New Zealand, she talked to us about what she described as an identity crisis. Is she English or Kiwi? We think she’s definitely a mix of both, but she does back the All Blacks. Being such a large part of English culture, the tea cups in her Artwork reflect her UK upbringing, While NZ birds and Māori patterns fuse a strong Kiwi addition. Maori patterns juxtaposed with contrasting wall paper prints, Teacups and Fantails! You’ll have to check out her work on our site to see for yourself:

Angie described her biggest pain point as a full time artist being the heavily seasonal sales pattern. It seems that being largely an Art website, Creative Hush will share this burden. At times of low sales, she turns to her husband to get her mind back in the game. Then it’s back to the grind – Creating more work for the busy season.
Check out what else Angie had to say in our video interview above.
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