Creative Hush

Freaky by Nature - Cinzah Merkens

Cinzah Merkens + Creative Hush + V Pure - Freaky by Nature

Last year we set ourselves a goal; to search for alternative creative avenues for the business, enabling us to offer more opportunities to kiwi creatives. We've thrown around words and terms like, 'for the artist' and 'creativity' and we want to live up to them. So we started brainstorming. We knew we had be true to our brand and think creatively and to enable us to make it happen, we'd need some support from a like minded company. With an interest in supporting the NZ creative scene, we found our partners in V Pure.

The idea; take NZ artwork to one of the largest broadcast advertising channels available - the billboard. V Pure jumped on board and provided us with the financial support, and the energy (included in V Pure's 6 natural ingredients) to get the project off the ground.

The brief for the Artists was clear; 'Freaky by Nature' - Epitomised by the 100% pure drink with all the natural energy of V: Nature can be freaky. This though and expression allowed our artists to have a fun and freaky point of view on the world.

Cinzah's expression was the Forrest Owl Moth, with their predator deterring eye patterns warning off birds and plant life summing up the brief completely. Ironically in art form, the eyes act like more of a lure, and we can't help but be drawn in to hunt for the hidden detail.

We worked through the night to capture Cinzah's process with the help of his playlist, a bit of banter and some V Pure. Check out the video. We have four more of these to come so keep an eye out.