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Creative Hush + Tiger Beer + Becca Aiken

A big Thanks To Tiger Beer + Becca Aiken 

The second interview in our uncaged series with Tiger Beer was with Becca Aiken, An Artist / illustrator who has recently moved from Auckland to Mt. Maunganui to immerse herself in the creative culture down there. Bubbly and energetic, Becca loves to personify her artwork with quirky human characteristics; you'll see from her store on our site, it sometimes means she'll depict a pug with a pipe or a trout with a gun, and we love it.  Her favourite weapon; the pencil. Her piece for the Uncaged series was a Tiger with a gnarly snarl. At the time of the last catch up with Becca, she was almost finished the piece and in the interview above you'll note a few comments about the Tiger having a cheeky grin - she changed her mind last minute which we thought was an epic insight into her creative process, she opted for something a bit more fierce, Why? Because Tigers are Dying! check out the full interview above. Don't forget to check out her store here: