Creative Hush

5 Tips - Selling More Work Online

Keen to sell more Artwork, Jewellery and Photography from your online store? We’re keen to help you. Because what kind of service would we be if we didn’t. Below are our five key tips to selling online.

1) Use your social channels: Once an item is listed, put it on your social pages with a link for potential buyers. Facebook and Instagram use an algorithm that unfortunately relies on paid spend to generate reach, placing even $5 behind a post will help significantly with getting your post more views. If you place money behind Instagram / Facebook posts, you can include a call to action – if clicked, browsers land directly on your store page. To get your creative Hush URL, simply head to your profile page and copy the URL in the browser bar. It will follow this format:

2) It’s all in the detail: When buying an item in store you have the advantage of asking the salesman as many questions as you can think up. In an online retail environment, there is no sales assistant. Buyers don’t have this advantage; they rely 100% on the detail provided by you, the seller. Make sure you have all the key details covered because if one of the buyers’ questions is left unanswered, they’re unlikely to purchase your item. A few pointers: What Stock was used, is it framed, is it signed, what materials were used, what inspired it.

3) Images: Leading on from point number two, the best way to give detail is with your images. The images you use to represent your item are the most important aspect of your online store. The Buyers don’t have the advantage of holding the item and looking at it up close, and from multiple angles. Use your images to depict the item’s key details. Close ups of signatures, detailed patterns and features help give the buyer a more complete picture. In situ pictures can also help; A picture on a wall, a ring on a hand. One image depicting your work is not going to be enough to completely sell it to potential buyers.

4) Options: At the point a buyer goes to your store, they’re interested in your work. If they leave without buying an item, you’ve lost a customer. Customers want to see more. The more options you can offer them, the more likely they are to purchase. List as many of your best items in your store as possible to give your customers choice. Are you more likely to find something you like in a store with 2 items for sale, or 10?

5) Let us know: At Creative Hush, we’re happy if you’re happy. Our mission is to help you sell more artwork and Jewellery. If you list new items, let us know. In some cases, we’ll put a promoted post on our social channels driving to your store.